Stop the Evil for Me

Stop the Evil for Me

I sat on a stony ground
just looking all around
at the people

A festival in the grass
that seemed about to last

A bright sky blue sunshine
surrounding everyone
on the fairgrounds

Who’ll stop the evil for me?
Who’ll keep the hoard away
from my city?

Or must the angry chaos
Twisting like a storm at sea
rise and claim me?

They speak of ancient evil
A devil prowling wide
across the stages

I know who I’ve become
and I’m sorry for it
every day

Who’ll take my place
at the wall
where they face

The monsters that crawl
on spindly legs
squeal laughing at how small
we’ve gotten?

Who’ll put their back into it?
when I slip out the back
without any spirit

Who’ll stop the evil for those
who like me


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