The Cruelty Collector

The Cruelty Collector

I wander the wide world
leather satchel at my thorny side
I push and pull the gawking faces,
sowing Hurt, laughing low.

I cluck my tongue and shake my head,
disapproving their weak slipperyness.
If only I could rule every mind/body!
Then the world’d be steered right!

But for now I must sate myself on small details
I raise the brick; it feels heavy, sharp and powdery in my long-launching fingers.
Let me who is without an appreciable amount of sin raise the first brick!
Here I come! Watch out! I’m stripped to my waist
I’m running on giant dinosaur legs
I’m taking over this pea-pod world
I’m making things right
I’m sorting it out
I’m burning out the errors
with my red hot hands


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