I know,

sweet young thing,

that at first glance

I don’t seem like the very

best of choices.

But if,

angel of my heart,

you would but grant me a short interview,

within which I might organize and present my case,

and whereby I could,

more thoroughly and precisely and exposed,

lay myself at your lovely little feet,

I think you would find,

my beautiful miss,

that I’m not such a bad option after all.

I’ve virtues that you’ve perhaps not yet taken notice of,

and I am making changes whose eventual and full enactment should,

barring the kind of unforeseens that may derail any human at any time in this precarious existence,

make me someone you could reliably hang your adorable bright sun shining heart upon.

So I ask you,

electric madame,

to please hear me out.

Copyright: AM Watson

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