Proof #2

Proof #2

A further proof — in addition to the one offered in why you be blaming us — that blaming us is totes boges.

People need to stop tryin‘ to pin everything on Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown!

We already proved straight up no chaser once and for ever-all that each and every thing that ever was is and shall be is 100% God’s fault — either as the ultimate/external cause of all things; or, to the degree creatures are wise (centering their feeling/thinking/acting around the Pure Love shining through everything, including each conscious moment, and thus flowing off the Pure Love into life with minimal distortion) — as the proximate/interior cause (f/t/a never flows perfectly off the Godlight shining through each consciousness moment, so even when we are very wise, our actions are to some degree the fault of God-qua-ultimate-cause and never 100% the fault of God-qua-proximate-cause).

But now this time right heres and nows we prove that even setting metaphysics to one side, it’s none of it our fault, and y’all really need to step the fuck off!!

Oh but wait! We shouldn’t set the Great God — all that scrumptious Godlight — off to one side! That’s sacrilegious. Or, wait, not sure if being sacrilegious is a problem; but this here’s more fundamentally sacri-spirit, and that’s gotta be a problem! For sure. I’d think, I’d surmise I’d best-guess.

We’re not setting the divine mystery to one side — as if that were even possible! We’re simply demonstrating — live, for your edification, and in your face sucka! — that even were one to attempt the folly of supposing God away, one would still find no plausible argument to support the claim that Bartleby Willard — author of eternally relevant kicks and oh-so reverent giggles — and/or his editor Amble Whistletown are to blame.

Oh, Okay, then I guess, well, let’s hit ’em with the proof! Let’s knock their socks off and remind ’em who bought their fancy tennis shoes in the first blankety-blank-blank-bu-bu-blink place!

Exacts! And to wit:
The thoughts and feelings that enter a person’s conscious space — do we choose them or do they enter unbidden?

Well, gosh, I don’t rightly know. Thoughts and feelings are in there, and they all slide and jostle and squish and bleed around into each other. And in all that commotion-ating, sometimes I seem to feel myself as a will directing and selecting them. But am I existing and steering when I sense myself directing and selecting? And if so, what exactly am I steering? And how much?

Picture this — and all you haters back home, suck on this:
Your thoughts and feelings flow in and out of each other, inspiring new thoughts and feelings, and together influencing the development of the thinking/feeling within your conscious space. And at some point a feeling of “I’m going with this! Here we go!” wins out. And that’s the decision. But who chose the “I’m going with this!” feeling? That part of your conscious moment where you seem to sit and feel, and that seems to steer you conscious thought, and make decisions and take actions: does it choose feelings? Does it choose the feeling of “I’m going with this!” Does it make a choice and then the “I’m going with this!” feeling rushes in? But how would it make the choice? Wouldn’t it be via a feeling of something like “Yes, this, I’m going with this”? And so again: Did that part of you where you seem to exist as a conscious being choose that feeling of “Yes … “?

But is this not the same argument as why you be blaming us!? For if there is no Godlight shining through each conscious moment, then surely we are all just the bump and jostle of antecedent causes — be they physical, emotional, or intellectual. But add in a first-cause — an uncaused spiritual atom! — that sets everything in motion but also shines through and love-lifts everything, including each conscious moment: Well, then, in such a case, that self-caused and/or causeless spark would freely choose, and — to the degree the rest of one’s conscious space were well-organized around that Godlight — one would freely choose, rather than be just another jostle in an infinite series of jostles. But here again, we see that only God could ever choose anything, and that we would only choose to the degree we are God.

But wait! What if God made individual souls that were also first-causes, not of everything, but just of whatever vessel they inhabited?

Maybe, but those individual souls — being God’s direct creations — would be pure and good. So again, if you blame me for my dastardly deeds, then you blame not me, not my soul; but merely the mistake that my ideas and feelings have become, drifting as they have so far from my own soul. In short, you blame the happenstance, and how everything all together created a scenario in which my soul was decoupled from my mind/body. Anyway, I don’t think a created soul could be a first cause, since it was created by a greater soul. Although such questions range beyond human logic, and are thus speculative at best.

Suffice it to say, people need to stop blaming us for everything. They haven’t considered the depth of the human conscious moment — how difficult it is for one to figure out what aspect of one’s conscious moment is in any given moment steering the whole, and how impossible it is for others to assess that.

Yeah, but what is freedom? What steers?
Chance, fate, necessity, God, and in there somewhere also a spark of Godlight that is our own?
Surely not, surely all is one Godlight and we are one tapestry flowing over the Godlight, seeing It better in moments when the whole-flowing-together is wiser and worse in moments when it’s foolish-er.
Maybe. Who can know? You can’t measure this. You can’t riddle this. You can only live and die with this mystery.

Can you blame souls for not maintaining control of the conscious spaces they are in?
If so, maybe you could blame us for losing the rudder, for disengaging with the Light within and thus giving the reins of our conscious space over to the mindless bump and jostle of feeling and idea untethered from a cool clear presence in the Love that chooses everyone.

In any case, you can’t possibly know enough to blame or praise yourself, let alone Bartleby Willard and/or Amble Whistletown. So QED! So take it or leave it! So we’re outta here boyzzz

Author: Bartleby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andy Watson

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