On Stopping the Evil / My Disappointing Performance

On Stopping the Evil / My Disappointing Performance

Ok, I know, I know. I get it. It’s very disappointing, especially considering the hype.

What I got? What I got for you? All I got is the confession/excuse/concession that no one can do all that much alone–not against the Evil.

The Evil runs through everything, lacing each of us, binding our angryconfusions together as it throws our hearts apart. The Evil cannot be stopped–not alone. And when you suppose, when you vaunt, when you lalablahblah that you’re gonna make big progress against the Evil out of your own elegant strength, then you actually just make things worse, you aid and abet the Evil and swirl the drain that sucks down the world–at least a little bit; but that’s bad enough: what we’re called to do is go in the other direction.

I mean I feel terrible. Real guilty. What was the point of it all? All this waking up and marching forward? Terrible, terrible: sloppy work! Who can credit it? Who can condone it? Not me!

But, well, look, the God will help us or we’ll all die in a horrific conflagration. We all know that. We all are that fate. So let’s not focus so much on me. Let’s just pray for general forgiveness, for world-wide reprieve and pardon, to be allowed to just be people together and have that be enough to save us body mind heart and soul.

Good night,
Bright Tiger From the Jungle Dark

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