On slipping into alcholism

On slipping into alcholism

I’d uh
wanted to
wanted to uh
be somebody
meet somebody
have something
stop the Evil

But i uh
just can’t
just can’t stop

and the days
slip by
so quick and sure
so empty and lonesome
so blank and sorry

the fools will win
I know they are wrong
but I don’t know
to control myself
to make things right
to find and share
the Light

stop drinking and your lungs will clear up
stop drinking and you’ll be well again
stop drinking and you’ll be able

why won’t you?
what are you looking for?
but everyone’s lonely
but everyone’s broken
so much strength
so many possibilities
so what then?
what’s the story?

people I know who have died
it is starting to add up
people that were old and
I expected to die
people who were young and
I expected to live

broken down by the evils, not even strong enough to face the Evil
this is what it is
to succumb to drink

author: Arthur C. Smidtty
editors: bartleby willard with amble whistletown
copyright: always andy watson

[Part of A political writer falls apart, which is somehow part of NYC Journal – Politics]

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