Gregory and my Concern

Gregory and my Concern

Gregory and my concern
Gregory and the worm
Gregory and the sun
Gregory and the days
now spent
Gregory father of many
Gregory believer in the Trinity

I’m concerned.
All these years without a mark, without a weight, free to drift in and out, aware but not, there but naw.

I’m worried.
I don’t know how to help.
I’m 41 and I don’t know how to help.
You’re 40 and I’m 41 and I keep my lead in time but wisdom ah wisdom well wisdom not so much

This is closing in on us
We can’t win this one
Our only hope is that we’re on the bench

I don’t understand
what has happened
how we went from the scraggled-brush near the sandy desert floor to this
and where our shared grandparents have gone to
and what we owe the living

I’m worried
but I’m still drinking

What should I do?

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