A Nation Embarrassed

A Nation Embarrassed

It’s so embarrassing
I’m so embarrassed
We’re so embarrassed
Here we are, with TV and free-time
and still can’t think what to do
Here we are, with jobs and drinks
and still can’t think how to live
Here we are, full of work and pleasure
and still don’t know how love grows
how it becomes an order, a path, a rigor, a story, a people, a senate a congress, a people a way forward.

It’s so embarrassing
We’re all so ashamed
All this time moving around
talking laughing sparkling
And yet we really don’t know how to stop
the monster
We just don’t

God would help
God would love to help
God is all about helping
God wants to help
God can’t help because we can’t hear
I don’t hear anything
I only hear myself and I’ve got nothin’

Oh dear oh dear oh dear
oh dear oh dear oh dear

I fear we’re gonna blow our hand.
How to come together and help one another?
How to come together and choose a Beautiful Order?

Chaos is
Chaos is always ugly

But order
that can go either way
So how

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