Ch 24: Goat Island

Ch 24: Goat Island

Timothy air-danced over, “Isn’t that the case! Isn’t that just so! I still can’t believe my own luck! Why does she favor me, I ask myself!”

“You’ve got a girl?”

“Oh yes!, Married nigh on two millennia.”

“How romantic!”


“The key is giving each other space. I haven’t seen her in a few years now — though we exchange letters often and are eagerly anticipating our five-hundredth honey moon. Second one at Niagara Falls.”

“Niagara Falls?!? Of all the magical possibilities at your unstoppable fingertips?”

“Gaudiness can be very romantic, if you approach from the proper angles.”

“The falls themselves are beautiful.”

“What about the hermit of Goat Island who, legend has it, would bathe every day in the river above the falls by dangling his lonely form from a branch. Until one day, maybe he let go or maybe he slipped or maybe the branch broke, he travelled with the swift currents over the falls, down hundreds of gushing feet, plunged under the churning fury reception, and was never seen again by mortal sight? How does he fit into all of this?”

Author: BW
Editor: AW
Copyright: AMW

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