Dear God

Dear God

Dear God,

Dear Person, What?

Oh, hi, How are you?

I’m fine. Just creating, shining through, and ultimately being everything. Same as always.

That’s cool. Bet it keeps you busy, though.

Well, not really. I am infinite in every way. No matter how much I give, there’s always some left over.

That’s why you’re so generous!

Yes, it is my Nature to create infinitely in infinite compassion.

Awesome! Hey, could you grant me the power to fly?

Sure, go buy an airplane ticket.

No, I mean, like fly like Superman.

You can pretend to exist and pretend to fly like Superman does. Nobody’s going to take fiction and daydreams away from you.

No, I mean, for real!

Look: Humans can walk, they can talk, they can think and invent things; they can’t fly. You want to genetically augment the human frame somehow so it flies: be my guest!

Is that even possible?

I don’t know, is it?

You actually do know, and I clearly don’t.

Is this all you came to talk to me about? Granting you powers that humans don’t need? Because if so, I have better things to do.

I thought you said no matter how much you gave, there was always some left over.

Yeah, but I could just sit around wallowing in all the loving kindness I have for you. I don’t have to carry on inane conversations with you about how you wish you were a comic book character, except not in comic books, but instead in the real world — whatever you think that is!

I don’t think God should be so touchy.

You come here, asking for stupid powers when you should be asking how you can better reflect Godlight in your heart, mind, words and deeds; and then you try to impose your puny human theologies on me — telling me, what I’m supposed to be like!, who I’m supposed to be!

I’m just making conversation.

No, you’re not. Conversation is when two people take the time to listen to one another. What you’re doing is asking me for favors I shouldn’t grant you and then telling me to fit into metaphysical notions I shouldn’t fit into. Not that I should fit into any notion — not even people do that!

Yeah, well, the truth is, I just want a hug from my wife but I don’t have one and nobody else’s hug is going to work

I know. It’s OK. It’ll be OK. Just do your best.

I just don’t know what that is anymore. I can’t think how I can do anything that’s any good.

I know. It isn’t easy. Just try to listen to yourself, to everyone else, and to me — I am the tie that binds everything together; I am the common link, the common Light.

Yeah, well, OK, sure. Do you want me to do anything? Maybe help others somehow? Or like shine my Light, not keep it under a bushel — that kind of thing?

For today, just listen and do your best. And relax. It’s OK.

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