Dear God

Dear God

Dear God, I am lonely and depressed.

Dear Person, I am also lonely and depressed.

But you are God, you are the cup running over — you are enough for yourself.

I know, but I’m still lonely. I find it lonely being the only free cause that ever was and ever will be. I created sentient beings so I could know somebody, but they’re not of my scale. There’s nobody I can talk to like an equal. You know, like a wife or really good friend, or somebody like that.

Well, huh, I thought the way prayer worked was that I asked you to help me live better and find a better way and then you did. I didn’t think you’d pray back at me.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about! That’s what I need. Somebody who can hear what’s deep in me and be my friend, and not imagine I’m a god.

But you’re God!

Yes, I’m God, not a god. I’m everything and nothing. I’m the Light that creates, sustains, shines through, and compassionates everything. I’m not an immortal person with super-compassion and power over the elements. I’m God. I am everything and nothing. And it is lonely to be the only one.

I’m sorry, God, but that doesn’t fit into my theology. Obviously I don’t think you’re like some super wise powerful old man with a beard and wearing white robes that radiate celestial light. I think you’re everything and nothing, the fire burning down everything, the wheel within the clay, the Reality that Is and Knows the Way. So you can’t be lonely, like a person might be. It just doesn’t make sense. Do you think you could reconsider your situation and tell me that you are not lonely after all?

No, I don’t think so. Can we still be friends? Can we still pray together?

Oh, sure. Definitely. Hey, look, um, could you grant me a few wishes? There’s a few things that I …

I don’t want to be your genie, mortal! See! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Is there no one who will just be my goddamn friend?

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