can’t do this one

can’t do this one

you say you can’t do this one god
that it just is too much for you
that you need to escape but
there is no escape and so you
just cannot handle

i know i dunno it is too bad

what if we just find the right girl?
what if we find someone who’d be so glad
so glad to be ours and who we’d be so glad
so glad to have be ours and then we’d
be happy so happy to have found each other
what if we pray for love and happiness
all around so bountiful that no one’s
left wanting? what if we pray for shared joy
and we leave the details to god?

what if every second was a prayer for shared joy?
what if every movement was a prayer for real love?
what if every word was meditation on happiness?
what if every heartbeat was a wish for spiritual, emotional, mental, relationshipal, and in-the-world success for everyone?
what if you take this lesson to heart: yes, you can’t take the loneliness, but that means no one else can either; so the only prayer possible is the one where everyone finds community, companionship, the path that is right for them, that leads them deeper into God and deeper into friendship, that allows them to unfold their whole selves — even those needy, gunky underbellies?
what if you pray for everyone all the time?
you can still find the one; in fact, there’s no other way for you to find your one — you can’t really open yourself up to life and love and what is possible for you without opening yourself up to God, and God is not a one-way-street: love of God flows into God and out from God into everyone: love of God overflows your sides and flows through everyone into God and through God into everyone.
the answer to a broken heart is not hiding from love but giving more love to more people; it is giving only love, having learned that there is no other Law that means anything to you or anyone else.

in the bible they have Jesus down as saying you have to leave your family to come follow him
did he really say that one? did he mean just the apostles who literally left everything and everyone and took off roaming and ministering with him? or did he mean that to follow God, you have to put your love for everyone ahead of your love for your intimates? or did he mean you have to reject everyone in your life who doesn’t follow your faith? but what is your faith? if it is faith in God’s love, then you can’t reject anyone; you might distance yourself from people who’s behavior is harming themselves and you — especially if you lacked the resources to resist their corrosions and thus have a chance at actually helping –, but why would you reject people with whom you had nice sane loving relationships? that goes too far.

who was Jesus? was he so wise that everything he said should be Gospel? how much of the Gospel did he actually say?

well, anyway, let’s focus on this interpretation:

to follow God, you have to put your love for everyone ahead of your love for your intimates

I think this is related to the Buddhist idea of relative and absolute truth
in a sense, we have to give more affection to and look out more for those closer to us
in the deeper sense, we have to give complete affection and look out for everyone
in a sense, we are separate individuals in relationships of varying degrees of closeness with others
in the deeper sense, we are all one Love and flow together as one Light
but you can’t respect the deeper sense unless you see and accept the whole picture; your spouse and children need your familial affection — you won’t do a very good job of loving everyone if you withhold that from them

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