All The Hurt

All The Hurt

All the hurt in the world
Couldn’t keep us apart.
All the evil in this little bag
can’t cut off our smiles.

Those who came, bless their
sainted souls, before us
deserve our success,
will lift their froth
ing mugs in cheer

All the hurt in the world
Couldn’t bury the maul
between my mind and yours
Couldn’t burn the smile
between my our reaching songs

Those who paved, thank the
merciful heavens, highways
of golden virtue where we,
oh the Lord is good!,
drive our righteous freight
beam with glad tidings
for us, their avengers!

All the lies between me and myself
don’t divide me from you
We share the deeper truth
and keep to the stiller way

No I’ll not lose you–none of us will sink beneath God’s laughter

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