A nice girl

A nice girl

She’s a nice girl.
I want to be a good choice for her.

But you’re not.

I can be a good choice because I can change.
Humans are adaptable.
I can adapt to this love.

You can only change so much.

How much?

Only just so much.

How much does she need me to change?

It’s not so much how much is needed as what is needed; and not all the needed whats can you procure.

Are you sure?


Then why are you saying all this?
She’s a nice girl and we fit.

Do you?

I want to know her.
And be right for her.
Unless I’m not right for her.
Then I don’t want anything.
I’ll just be alone then.

Why? There’s lots of nice girls.

Yeah. But if this is love and this is right, then I should wait for her.

And if it’s not?

I will wait until I am loosed from the bond of this hypothesis.

What proof do you need to stay and what proof to go?

Author: BW
Editor: AW
Copyright: AMW

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