wrong move

wrong move

what did I do wrong?
where did I misstep?
Something’s gone wrong.
Now what?

I need someone to speak with.
But then slides into a hug.
And that slides into marriage.
This is the culture I know.

I’m out of ideas.
This is the way I know.

If you don’t have a wife, then you can’t tell anyone about what’s inside.
If you don’t have somebody, then you don’t have anybody.
You can’t talk.
They don’t want to hear.
Only your wife would be able to listen.
And then only if she was a good one.

Now what?

I can’t locate the place where it went wrong.
There’s something that I didn’t choose.
There’s a cut that I didn’t make.
There’s a wound that was not self-inflicted.

If I had a wife
And it worked for us
then maybe we could speak
about what I know
and what I cannot escape

But if I don’t
then I can only talk to myself
or maybe write blogposts to no one
that’s the system
it’s the one I know

authors: BW/AW

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