Whatever’s Best (Essayish 10)/Standard Theory PL 2-Scholium

Whatever’s Best (Essayish 10)/Standard Theory PL 2-Scholium

Philosophically, I’ve always been a bestist. One should aim for whatever’s best. We mortal flashes don’t know everything. We have an inner sense towards discovering and living “truer” and “better”–towards “truly better”. Those concept-bound descriptions are approximations–the sense-of-things they seek to point towards is deeper than concepts. Anyway, our feelings and intellects are tools that should be put in service of the quest to keep getting better and better at understanding and realizing that core goal. We all know that. I here estimate what we all know in our hearts of hearts up into words.

Author: Wanda Wicchwey
Author: The Old BW
Copyright: Andy the Watson I was there with him in kindergarten when signing “Andy Watson” in a steady, respectful hand was a worthy goal, a proud moment on the tight-weave blue rug.

What is this?
It has to do with Love at a Reasonable Price.
The first section of that evolving ebook starts with two stories from the town of Pine, Michigan–where Ichabod the Love Peddler appeared over a century ago, and where there now stands a Pure Love Research Center (at the University of Pine). At the end of the second story, a Pure Love researcher says, “To understand Charles’ and I’s research, you have to be at least somewhat acquainted with the standard model of Pure Love.”
So that seems to call for a standard model or standard theory of Pure Love–similar to how there is one a standard model for physics: a set of principles and findings that just about all practicing physicists agree on. But we’ve been having our troubles writing a standard theory of Pure Love. So now we’re just writing poems around the topic, hoping to perhaps eventually sink in at an appropriate place. So far these “standard model” poems are all free (so far all poems are free: see “Poems” category on the right hand side to see them all). These poems and all other writings in Love at a Reasonable Price are listed and linked-to here:
Intro to Love at a Reasonable Price

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