We lived there

We lived there

In the hollow
in the wood
by the stream,
where it bent
around Great Oak.

How wonderful for us
to be there in that place,
where everything dripped sunlight
as juice peach
splats dirt floor,
and selfless love
was reasonable,
made perfect sense,
fit right in
with the vibe
of the place–
such a great place.

I wish you’d been there
and me too.
and I was still there
with you
when we were there
which never happened–
except in the place
where all
that should’ve
and keeps happening.

So I’ll go there now
by turning round
and round
my center pole–
held still,
burning white light,
and stretching
up above
and down below

And by and by
sit there
with you
on the sandy bank
that the stream
bends around.

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