To the Rescue

To the Rescue

We are worried because Donald Trump could win the presidential election in 2024, and this could seriously damage, perhaps even past the point of repair, US American democracy. Liberal democracy is a spiritual good, because it allows the people to nonviolently serve as a final check on madness and corruption in government.

We’ve long thought that Something Deeperism will fix all the little philosophical misunderstandings between the left and the right, allowing us to meaningfully share culture, society, and government. Any day now!

Which reminds one of some jab Kierkegaard made at the systematizers of his day (the Hegelians), some jab about how any day now the system will be complete and all will be well forever.

But that’s not fair! Because Something Deeperism is not a complicated system that claims to sum up and explain everything. Something Deeperism is a minimal metaphysics that everyone can share without sacrificing any meaningful part of their particular worldviews.

Something Deeperism accomplishes this by pointing out that none of our worldviews make sense to any of us except to the degree that they help us think/feel/act aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, compassionate, loving kind, and joyfully sharing/collaborating — grounded in the spiritual Love (a Pure Love that chooses everyone) without which nothing is okay and with which all is well; and which is, of course, wider and deeper than our hearts and minds, and thus amenable to poetic, rather than literal interpretations (ie: to organizing one’s feeling/thinking/acting around the Love shining through each moment, and interpreting that Love in word and deed, in a manner that always remembers that that Love is wider and deeper than words and deeds; ie: to living Love as best one can by standing up straight within oneself, pushing out from within, and seeking always to ground oneself in spiritual Love while living gentle kind resolve).

Here we’ve summarized the system of Something Deeperism, thereby proving it’s not so much a system as a tip.

Here it is even shorter/sweeter:

None of our worldviews make sense to any of us except to the degree that they help us to follow the universal values (aware … joyfully sharing/collaborating) and grow an active insight into that and in what way it is True to say, “We’re all in this together”. So let’s agree to keep first things first: let’s agree to put the universal values and sense of universal brotherhood ahead of all political, cultural, and financial expediencies.

We could add that liberal representative democracy is a spiritual good because it is a workable framework for sharing Something Deeperism: for sharing meaning by sharing those fundamental values that all our worldviews require to be meaningful to any of us.

By prioritizing fair elections, open and competent government, and fair debate; we agree to first and foremost protect our ability to serve as a final check on madness and corruption in government, and to nudge (rather than slam) our collective government towards rewarding good behavior (honesty, clarity, fairness, competency, serving the public good) and punishing bad behavior (dishonesty, confusion, unfairness, incompetence, theft, violence, corruption/thuggery/the-rule-of-crime).

The more our politics is a meaningful and actionable conversation about how to together find a way forward for everyone, the more we live in a place where one can be both decent and happy — both good and safe/thriving (a nice place to grow up). That is the fundamental goal of government. Otherwise, what are we asking for, working for? And the foundation of such a conversation is together prioritizing those values without which none of our thoughts or actions are meaningful to any of us.

Liberal representative democracy at its best is an agreement to prioritize awareness, honesty, accuracy, competence, kindness, and shared joy; and this is an implicit agreement to prioritize the Love that motivates and explicates living by these universal values.

There it is! In the world. Now it can’t be stopped. So there’s nothing left but to sit back and let it soak in and provide a workable foundation for sharing culture, society, democracy, maybe even the occasional friendly chat.

Authors: Society for the Advancement of Something Deeperism
Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown, presiding.
Andrew Mackenzie Watson, copyrighting
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