To the Rescue

To the Rescue

Alright Fellow Citizens,

You’ve gone and done it.
You’ve pushed us too far.
Past the elasticity of our polite deference and deeply-ingrained (read: pathological) fear of conflict.
You’ve snapped our hearts and crushed our spirits.
So now we’re going to tell you the truth.
What you are doing is evil.

Or don’t you care?
Are you so ginned up on your own glory and grievances that you think evil is the game everyone is playing and God owes you this little indulgence in evil.
There you’d be wrong.
No one owes you anything, and God — who has already given us human-things both *infinitely infinite souls to unfold and an infinity of finite worlds to explore — least of all.

*[Editor’s Note: “infinitely infinite” because we heard there’s bigger and smaller infinities and figured that souls should be the bigger sort of infinite. But what about God? Surely God’s bigger than humans. Is God an infinitely infinitely infinite soul? What would that even mean? And, anyway, I thought a human soul was either a thin sheath for God or just plain old God; in either case, a human soul already contains God’s soul. Or is that wrong? Hard to figure, and even if you could figure it, how could you catch it in human words and meanings?]

Be that as it may.
Here we write a book you can read for free here if you want to we don’t care anymore whatever dudes

[Update Sunday, January 21, 2024: What does it all mean? We’ve been in full panic mode for a month, up from 80% panic. Not sustainable. And not quite right. What will actually help here and now? A hint, God?]


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