With Nappy Roots

With Nappy Roots

I’m getting older
and I’ve lost
most all
my grand ideas

I wonder what
will happen now

The Hurt hurts
loud from the outside out.

What can I do?
How can I know
the way forward?
Why do I stare
into the cool cave
where stuffed fools slave
for slop-monster
who plop-saunters
across green-bent fields?

Turn me up,
let me out
I try to say
the Evil must stop

All such worlds known
too much crimes sown
The answer grows cold
smooth creature gets bold.
How can we now that we understand
moving through the places where
we long and strong patient stand
and though we’d fight what scares
still what we’d be has learned
to toss and catch and turn

All our lives we’ve sat
waiting for a song
that we could feel;
for a strength not wrong;
to listen, to heal
to help peace grow
to in patience know
the way
for us all

Come on to the
world we were born to
Come along thrown at
fires we were sworn through
Come on carry us
out of the Hurt that blinds
Come on carry us
into the Light that binds

How can we ever make
amends for the lines
that haughty swagger break
broad bonds between minds?
How can we today smile
at each other real
with so much crud bile
half-cooked oatmeal

Somebody call the cops
Somebody knock the doors
And now we’ve over flopped
soft slumped on the floor

With heavy sidebyside
footstomps I lumber
into the pulled-up tide.
that’s the hook fumbling
that’s the cake crumbling

with heavy shoulder shake
from front to back
we pomp-lizard snake
ahead, rescue ropes slack,
forward without insight
still dreaming what is right
up charges the boar
fat thighs churning
round snout bent and sore
from the ashes burning



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