the nature of evil

the nature of evil

It isn’t that evil is an illusion.
Evil is illusion.

I don’t know what’s to be done.
Biden didn’t steal the election.
Trump tried to steal it.
And he had also tried to undermine democracy
while in office.

If you destroy democracy in the United States of America
you will go to hell and stay there a long time.

There is no perfection in human governments,
but we could do much worse here,
and we will if Stop the Steal succeeds
in stealing all future elections
from the people.
Do they know that’s what they are up to?
Does it matter?

What’s the difference between idiocy and evil?
What’s the difference?
They both lust after and exult in confusion.

the evil rises
up from the belly
of the sea
as a bubble
that pops oil
on its shimmering surface

the evil laughs
and slaps us
all on the back
Hah hah hah
you can take a joke can’t you?

Authors: AW/BW
Editors: BW/AW
Copyright: AMW

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