Talking to God

Talking to God

So I says to God, I says, I’m getting out of this place.

And God says, yeah? Me too. I’m taking off to.

But I go, that’s ridiculous! You’re an eternal, infinite Good! Everything can’t go anywhere!

And God says, I won’t be told what to do by metaphysicians! I’m the God, not your half-ass logic!

And I’m like, what is infinitely Good has to be consistent! Anyway, if human thought has absolutely no purchase on the divine, then that’s a serious design flaw in Reality. Because humans cannot relate meaningfully to things that their thought has absolutely no purchase on.

And then God is like, whatever, I’m going to turn myself into a person and get crucified as a fit sacrifice for your sins.

And I’m like, that’s dumb. You don’t need to do that. That sounds like ad hoc after-the-fact reasoning. You can just love and uplift us as you’ve always done. And you have to always keep doing, logically. Since otherwise you can’t be an infinite Lover of all creation.

And God’s like, there you go telling me what to do again!

And then I’m like, speaking of design flaws: I love her. I need her. But she doesn’t seem to love or need me. That seems like a mistake. Why make me perpetually wounded from the lack of her, without giving her a corresponding wound and remedy?

But God just laughs and says that I want to believe I love and need her and that that entitles me to getting her, but that’s just greedy lonely talk, and not at all befitting a servant of the Lord.

Which peeves me off, and I say who said I want to spend all my time being a servant of the Lord?

But God retorts that through my own human logic, I can only make sense to myself insofar as I follow what is wisest and best, and that’s clearly the Light, and that’s clearly Pure Love, and that’s clearly God.

And I say, well, idunno.

Authors: AW/BW
Copyright: AMW

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