Superhero Play: Act I, Scene 3

Superhero Play: Act I, Scene 3

Act I, Scene 3

On campus

Joe: Hey, how’s the genius?

John: She’s good. How are you?

Joe: Oh, you know.

John: It’s your fault.

Joe: Oh, I know.

John: You going to the game?

Joe: No. Why?

John: I’m going.

Joe: You, why?

John: I joined the team.

Joe: You, why?

John: I’m a great player.

Joe: Yea, but I thought you’d outgrown all that. You have your future to think of, and it’s not playing.

John: I’m fast, agile, and strong.

Joe: But those things don’t matter in the real world. I mean, you’re not going pro, and even if you were, it wouldn’t lead anywhere useful.

John: I can think with my body and have a sixth sense about where the ball is going.

Joe: No one cares, and you may end up with a serious injury that debilitates you for the rest of your life.

John: I thought you might like to see me in action. My family’s coming.

Joe: I’ll come, but I don’t like it. It makes no sense. You should concentrate on your studies.

John: I can do both.

Joe: Not completely.

John: Look–just be a pal and show, OK?

Joe: You know I will!

John: Thanks.

Joe: Unless you take my advice and quit this nonsense. In which case, we can go out for pizza instead–my treat.

John: Pizza and wine?

Joe: Whatever will save your brain.

John: OK.

Joe: Really?

John: Totally.

Joe: So you’ll quit the squad?

John: No, but I’ll show you why I don’t need to.

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