Standard Theory of Pure Love 2: About the Intellectual/Emotional Irreducible

Standard Theory of Pure Love 2: About the Intellectual/Emotional Irreducible

To feel or think a faith or doubt,
we rest upon the sense
that our feels and thoughts
can somewhere go,
can something mean–
are solid, worthy routes.

But what’s that undergirding sense,
us without we cannot trust
any sense that follows hence?

If knowing what is better
and following where it lead
are not within the scope,
or lie beyond the need
of my own heartfelt thought–
then the how and why
‘neath mental spires–
‘neath all my thought begot–
sink fast from flashing fires
that burn their ground floors out.

So faith in lawlessness
and doubting there’s a way
both break down at the gate.

So sole a course straight through
the sense we sketch but rough
(for sitting prior to all talk)
with “true” and “good”
is option to us human folk,
who can’t be but what we are.

Thus any answer we may post
for what we think to know
must ratify and follow close
our deep-in sense about
how Good nor True can go–
are ours before all doubts.


Or wind round another way,
and hold our drive to learn
what’s best to be our own,
not mindless churns
untied to human yearns:

Our meaning speaks to us–
if not, we nothing more
but pretend to trust,
believe, and follow
what we never saw nor were.

And if our deep still sense
that kindness wide
and goodness far
and truth with love’s long reach
is start and path and goal in one,
and right to call us forth–
if that blaring inner light
does point away from right,
what meaning have we left
that matters very much
to us, to us right here right now,
with “it matters” at the heart
of all our thoughts and feels?

So there is after all,
a common faith–
regardless how we nod and shake,
we’ve a boundary shared,
beyond which any step we take
betrays all for which we care:

Faith and doubt are tools
to help us find our better ways;
if we so contrive them
to seal our minds
or shut our hearts
or keep love locked away,
they’re tools misused
that shot the hunter
and gave the game away.


What is this?
It has to do with Love at a Reasonable Price.
The first section of that evolving ebook starts with two stories from the town of Pine, Michigan–where Ichabod the Love Peddler appeared over a century ago, and where there now stands a Pure Love Research Center (at the University of Pine). At the end of the second story, a Pure Love researcher says, “To understand Charles’ and I’s research, you have to be at least somewhat acquainted with the standard model of Pure Love.”
So that seems to call for a standard model or standard theory of Pure Love–similar to how there is one a standard model for physics: a set of principles and findings that just about all practicing physicists agree on. But we’ve been having our troubles writing a standard theory of Pure Love. So now we’re just writing poems around the topic, hoping to perhaps eventually sink in at an appropriate place. So far these “standard model” poems are all free (so far all poems are free: see “Poems” category on the right hand side to see them all). These poems and all other writings in Love at a Reasonable Price are listed and linked-to here:
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