Smalltown Boy

Smalltown Boy

Did you ever know the place
from whence came this person me
who I’ve had to become by chance
and or somethings worse?

It was a small town in a nowhere
corner of the who cares world.
That’s where I cut my chops
learned my licks flipped my lid
for the very first time.

Just some little grimy town
where everyone’s one way
and a little suspicious
of any other ways.

A nice town, where everyone knows
everyone and everyone understands
why we gather for this occasion
or that holiday.

A tiny little hamlet high in the mountain peaks
of 1850s Austria with snow sliding off pines
and the thought of another race
a different religion another style
occurred to precisely no one ever.

We lived that way.
It was easy ’cause we knew the path
that all shared, and God’s wrath
followed rules at which we each
nodded chipperly while chewing big
on potatoes cabbage a little pig.

Now where am I?
What has happened?
Everyone’s all jumbled up!
There are so many differences
there for us to notice.
Weird, weird, weird,
the weird sisters
cackle raspy and fight over one
big veiny eyeball.
Weird, weird, weird.

Everything flows

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