Revelations & Questions

Revelations & Questions

1. Everything except God is an illusion.
2. Only God is a first cause: only God has free-will.
3. We are God and are a first cause and have free-will to the degree our ideas and feelings flow off of the Light within.
4. God does everything–through the interconnected flow of mind/matter that ultimately flows off of God &/or through conscious creatures to the degree those creatures’ feeling/thinking/acting is in sync with Godlight.
5. God cannot harm anyone. God can only lift-up, heal, enlighten, and joyify. This is because everything–even God–must act in accordance with its nature.
6. God’s Essence is God’s Nature is God’s Mind/Body is God’s will is God.
7. Good art captures a whole human moment–from Soullight out through perceptions, feelings, vague notions, ideas, words, and deeds into the world.
8. I can’t do this anymore. I have to start something new.
9. These aren’t revelations.

1. What are they?
2. Do souls age and get nicked up and worn out like bodies?
3. Is that why we die?
4. Is the world going to end soon? Or what?
5. Is there anything we can do?
6. Is there anything we should do?
7. Is there anything we will do?

I want to leave
I want to quit
I want to go
I don’t want to stay here
I don’t want to do this job
I don’t want to run these laps
I don’t want to tell these lies

No more of this
There must be a better way

Is there a magic that works?
I talk all day long to The God.
Do I just tell myself what I want to believe?
Is there a way to break this box?
Is there a way to see the way?
What is the way?

I have to go now
this isn’t for me
these tasks are not mine
these errands can find another donkey
no more of this
there must be a better way


take your teachings
and the infinite universes are the size of hazelnut
now what?
now I am tired
my neighbors played loud music into the early morning.
I hate them.
now I am tired
the love within me is broken
tired, lonely, empty

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