Race too?

Race too?

I just want some money
and some time

Then I’ll take
the fuck off

I’ll skip
across the world
like a stone
across the pond.

I just want to quit
working and jiving
driving, striving.

I want to take off.

Don’t talk to me
of poverty, of race,
of inequalities old and new.

Don’t talk to me of
strife and reason,
of madness and pleasure.

I don’t want to pretend
I’ve figured it out
or that you have,
that my shoulders
or yours
with the definitive

Leave me alone
and retrenchists;
all I want is a roadtrip
and for the place
to hold together,
to give me

road side diners
in the sun-baked
new cityscapes
to wander
a creek where
the minnows
dart beneath
light-flicking ripples.

All your reforms,
your Truths,
your progresses–
but I just want
to forget,
to travel wide,
to find a woman
and accept
her thighs
her ideas,
her pride.

Author: Lou the Low-Down Minstrel

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