Pure Love as a Soap

Pure Love as a Soap

Pure Love is all there really is, so you can’t avoid It. But our conscious focus mostly slides past It. And we live like beasts of the field and lionesses on the prowl.

By consciously pouring Pure Love into our soap, we hope to create an energy surrounding the soap that invites other consciousnesses to experience the Pure Love. Obviously, you can’t really pour Pure Love in or out of anything. Pure Love is always surging through everything always and forever Amen. But in our fictional factories, we can do any fool thing, just so long as we remember that it’s all storytime on a dusty old shag rug in the spacious children’s room of a two-level library with the parking garage underneath and dry dusty piney mountain air all around pervading and lifting up the whole. And we thought

oh we thought it might

we thought it might

somehow work

But what do we know?!?!?

Author: Bartleby
Editor: Amble
Copyright: Andy

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