Publishing Update: Free Books #1

Publishing Update: Free Books #1

Dear Worlds,

We wish everyone health and security in this shared difficulty.

Rest assured that we at Skullvalley After Whistletown Bookmakers in the SAW Building (in Somewhere Sometime Wall Street) have dutifully ensconced ourselves in many layers of implausible anecdotes, venturing into the bodily world only when transmogrificated into seagulls, blue whales, and other hearty creatures immune to the present crisis; and are otherwise behaving responsibly.

If you’d be willing to answer a few questions about Superhero Novella + A Web Sampler and would consider joining our mailing list (so we can send you the weekly mailings once we have an audience like real men of letters do), write us at for a free copy of this short work of unknown worth. [Please read entire update for all details before emailing.]

For how long lasts this promotion? Well, let’s say for fifteen requests or so, and that we’ll update this update when it’s passed. Fifteen copies may not seem a huge number in the publishing world, but everything’s relative.

Superhero Novella boasts a basically coherent plot, fairly consistent characters, and other hallmarks of readable literature. So we think maybe people will like it.

Nobody seems to finish First Loves. And no one’s started First Essays. Accordingly, we’re working now on a First Anthology with only the most (as far as we can guess) easily-consumable, comfortably-digestible, and generally-satisfying selections from those two lonesome, downcast, ashamed and shaming works. We’ll also throw in a few pieces from the websites (not already included in A Web Sampler).

When we release the anthology (?in a couple weeks?), we’ll make “Publisher’s Update: Free Books #2”.

When emailing to, use “Free Superheros” as the Subject. Let us know if you’d like the ebook as MOBI (Kindle) or EPUB (Nook and many other ereaders). And whether or not we can include you on the mailing list. Unless instructed otherwise, we’ll send ebook, questionnaire, and (hypothetical future) mailings to the email address you write us with.

If free ebooks tied to questionnaire’s aren’t your thing, I guess you could purchase a US$3 ebook or US$8.35 paperback version:

Superhero Novella as Amazon Kindle / in Paperback (POD) / at B&N (EPUB).
Read The First Two Chapters.

Links to our other books and related material can be found in the Read Our Books tab.

For those in high-concern areas:
Remember to wash your hands, avoid your face, and reach out to your fellow human from 6+ feet back.

In exuberant caution,

Bartleby Willard

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