PLS wrapper idea

PLS wrapper idea

Step right up, ladies, gents, theys, thises and thats!
Take your shoes off!
Loosen your belts!
Set your pronouns, creeds, faces, personalities, ideas, feelings, and all other earthernware identities to one side!
Leave your certainties by the billowing cotton-canvas gates!
Relax and enter the tent!

Step right up!
Pure Love Soap!
Can we?
Dare we?
With what metaphysician’s wand?
Lored in which alchemical fluff?

And yet,
a moment of silence, I beseech you,
my chattering, gandering, bumping, jockeying crowd!
though we know not how
claim no special rights
vaunt no holy heights
we do, indeed
that BW’s Pure Love Soap
is both 100% soap
& 100% Pure Love!

Soap you’re familiar with.
Pure Love — the True Goodness that creates, sustains, compassionates/love-lifts, and shines through everything and everyone and everywhere forever and ever Amen — you’re even more familiar with.

The ravings of mind/hearts doused in the o’er-concentrated juice of poppy seeds?
Mere advertising flim-flammery?
Promises with neither the will nor means to keep themselves?

Friends — eternal, deep, soul-bound and ultimately unavoidable friends! –, we understand your hesitation!
We too are mortals!
We too cluck and prattle!
We too doubt like Thomas and tsk like old bitty Aunt Betsy!
Friends — shared viewers, as we sentient beings all are, of that most fundamental vista: the Light that alone Knows that and in what sense it is True to say we are all in this together! –, you don’t have to take our word for it!

Just try it.
Not the soap.
The soap we’ll happily sell you, and you’ll burn through quick enough, shedding a little grime, perhaps overindulging in cleanliness and so robbing your body of that oily coat it spent eons evolving.
Don’t talk to us about soap!
Soap you’ll get your fill of and we can only recommend moderating your consumption of the lumpy stuff: yes, certain areas get smelly and need soap a couple maybe few times a week; and perhaps in some specific cases, germs are more dangerous than invigorating and you should wash your hands; but for the most part it’s best to bathe in fresh air and the Light of pure understanding.

Don’t talk to us about soap!
We’ll sell you all the soap you can handle!

But what we give you
but friends,
no one can handle
what is freely given
and gratefully accepted
or merely accidentally received, since try as we might we can no more avoid the One Love than our bodies can avoid timespace.

Try it for yourself!
Pull your shoulders back
Open up your chest and gut
Let the Light fill you to overflowing
Let your heart/mind admit that you love everyone, even yourself; and that everyone loves everyone, even you.
Let what’s True be true.
because like whatever life’s short and human knowledge goes like this:
We Know that Love is Real and We are all in this together.
The rest we kind of maybe sometimes in some sense a little sort of know.

BW’s Patented, specially formulated and cleanly formatted
Pure Love Soap
is part of everything.
And so by
the standard highplains logic and chipper legalese
is ultimately Pure Love.
So that’s cool
and we’ve met our obligations
but, friends,
the soap! sure! if you want! it’s kind of fun,
and there’s something to the joke that animates it.
But, friends,
the joke’s always there, with or without your obsession with the hygiene norms of your current conundrum.

Author: B. Willard
Editor: A. Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson

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