please come here

please come here

I want to talk to you
I’ve got nothing to say.

I want to be with you
that’s all I got, anyway.

You’re all I want
and I know it clean.

This is who I am
nothing much, it seems.

please you come ’round
let me feel you near.

Nothing else makes sense
a man: he learns to fear

another day on the lam
hiding in the lurk

another night’s quicksand
chiming like a jerk.

I can’t find anything
in this hollow chest
in this empty heart
in these broken parts.

I’m sorry for something
worn out like the rest
with a hungry heart
but no place to start.

Please come here and hand
me the man I’d make
when you understand
the twist that breaks
when you find and forgive
the chant I live with

Go down go down Moses
way down way down
to Pharaoh’s Land
Go down Moses.

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