Owning the Libs

Owning the Libs

What are you talking about?
Owning me?
I don’t spend all my time wishing trans girls could be on the biological girls track team
I’ve not hung my heart on anybody being able to pick whatever bathroom they feel like
It is not live-or-die for me that all white people stand up and admit that everything bad is their fault and everything good is the bounty they’ve stolen.
You’re drinking and jerking off to straw men.
All I want is a government that gently thinks with the people about how to find what is best for all.
All I want is a coherent, meaningful democracy where the people serve as a final check on madness and corruption while mostly not worrying about politics.
And that is the problem here.
You are agitating for the destruction of truth and democracy.
What is your glorious rebellion?
Undermining honesty in reporting, clarity in thought and debate, a careful solid democratic process.
Own the libs?
What are you talking about?
They don’t want to own you.
They just want you to think and feel clearly enough to help them gently nudge this land towards the better and away from the worse.
What is our problem?
Your feelings are hurt, and your response is to applaud tyranny and lies?
You’re playing with fire; when tyranny and lies take control, they don’t care who let them in — they just care about consolidating power, no matter how many bones they break to make their oh-so-boring-and-already-done point.
What is your problem?
Own the libs?
Are you so desperate for love and respect that you’re ready to burn everything down for a moment of feeling like you’re the clever and good one — and everyone else is a sucker or worse?
What is going on?
Own the libs?
If you keep carrying on like this, either you lose, or you win NAZI Germany.
What is that?
That is a mistake.
You are wrong.
What you are doing is evil.
I don’t speak as a wise or enlightened soul.
But I don’t need to.
Look around.
What happens when tyrants pretend elections are stolen, reality is whatever gets their audience off, and might makes right?
Look around at the last five thousand years of pointless human suffering.
I don’t have to be a moral genius or a spiritual authority to recognize that when you cheer for Trump you are cheering for evil.
Why do you do it?
How hurt are you?
And what does it have to do with me?
What is going on, America?
What am I missing?

Donald is not kidding when he talks about being president for life.
He’s poking, testing, flirting.
Donald was not playing when he asked election officials to cheat on his behalf.
He was working the only way he knows how.
His natural path is thuggery — you scratch my back, I yours, we put everyone who disagrees out of the way.
In the first four years with some luck, the system held.
But you know if he wins again — fairly or not — the system may very well not hold.
And then what?
He’ll honor you with titles and deeds of land for you good and noble service?
He’ll make your son a Mighty Freedom Ranger, outfitted with all the latest weapons, hunting down traitors and maintaining the Leader’s order?
And your daughter will be a princess, married to a knight who slayed the dragon, once and for all finally completely and irrevocably owning those evil, underhanded, anti-American libs?
This is your evil — to slide down that tube deep, the one that secretly dreams of befriending tyranny and being elevated by injustice.
The dreams that you cover with your hand as you cough.
The dreams of a land where you win and others lose, where you’re will-to-power is kinged at the expense of others’ freedoms and joys — bad anyway and squish them.
But that dream, the tyrant’s song and dance, never comes true.
Tyranny’s allegiance is only with its own lust for power, prestige, control. Tyranny may start by giving you some laws you like; but if it decides stealing power can be done more easily with contrary laws, it will create those laws. Tyranny may begin by shutting up or marginalizing those media outlets that disagree with your notions; but if it decides some of your notions are also contrary to its takeover of both reality and Reality, it will shut you down too.
You’re playing with fire.
And yet
All human hearts
contain this evil worm
that I accuse you of indulging in
What is the difference here?
At some point incompetence becomes so willful that it is an evil
Trump reached that point long ago
And I think that we as a nation have too
Now we either join hands and turn away
Or we collapse into a million lonely splinters
Why don’t you see him for what he is?
What are you so desperate for that you would destroy democracy?
What is going on?
What is inside of you when you clap for the man who would be king?
You’re lying all the time.
Everyone is.
But there is a difference here.
The cord is giving out, and every clap of your hands is driving this break a little closer to the final snap, from which recovery is very difficult and great loss and pointless suffering inevitable.
You are applauding corruption and madness.
Corruption and madness in government are when evil and foolish impulses more easily win power, prestige, and respect; justice and wisdom in government are when good and wise impulses more easily win power, prestige, and respect.
A corrupt government is a crazy is an incompetent government. For the simple reason, that it is not seeking wisdom or sanity or what is best for everyone — it is seeking only to consolidate power, silence its enemies, grow its terrible certainty.
What is going on?
Don’t you smell the evil when it hangs so thick and clear in the sky?
Maybe the norms of US American democracy could contain his worse impulses another four years.
But unlike most US American politicians, he doesn’t have any desire to make that compromise with democracy, the one that says:
OK, I don’t get to be president forever, but then I can retire into a place where democracy and the rule of law reign rather than some tyrant’s proud caprice; a pretty great deal, when one stands back a bit to consider all the angles — a moment’s reflection upon human history shows that it is an amazing wonderful blessed miraculous deal.

People, what is going on?
The world is moving round, and forward in its loop
Love is grinding through the center and bleeding out the seams and edges
The Great God groans and rounds the bend
The summer is waxes. You and I must send
our little flowers down the stream
in reds, yellows, purples they gleam
at droplets, and as the ripples catch
the morning sun
Nothing lasts forever
but let us seize the better
as best and so far
as we’re able

And dropping night
the clouds give way again
A full moon and her disciples
seep through and cover all
in a softness yellow green
The plague wiped out a third of Europe’s population.
Some scholars estimate that 90% of the native population died when Europeans showed up with their germs and ambitions.
All over the world in so many times war comes crashing down, killing and maiming most everyone, while granting a dubious and tenuous victory to a few.
We’re so lucky to have this moment of peace and sunlight to breath deep and consider how to live in a way that is truly best for all, and how to talk and think and create and decide wisely together within an imperfect but yet functioning and thus through gentle emendations improvable democracy.
So lucky to have a chance to think, feel, act aware, clear, honest, accurate, competent, kind, compassionate, joyfully together — alone and together.
Trump is wrong; but no human is good or evil; it is just that what Trump offers us are his and our worse impulses; we need to say to him, to us, to all those parts of the human that would win for the sake of winning. The point of life is kind delight and gratitude. The point of life is to bear witness to the Love that Is, and that is all there is. Better governments are those that allow us to better together gently nudge ourselves to the more aware, honest, clear, accurate, competent, kind, generous, compassionate, joyfully together.
There’s mean and kind ways to come together; the mean ways depend on shutting others out; the kind ways depend on opening up our hearts and minds to everyone.
The Love chooses everyone always forever; and we, insofar as we turn to the Love and flow with It, are never mean, never cruel, never greedy, nor prideful; but are only gentle and compassionate and giving and careful careful careful with one another and the world and systems that we all depend upon for safety and knowledge and connection.

Authors: BW/AW
Editors: AW/BW
Copyright: AM Watson
Hopes: Tired, worried, lonely
Times: Out of joints and never what they seem
Reasons: Ah, but please, I love you, I want to talk to you, I want to make it right with you.
Excuses: Picture a thousand rubber bouncy balls dropped from a height into a long narrow room; now add in some furniture, pictures in glass frames, windows, many things to shatter and topple over; now pick up all the bouncy balls and drop them again and again and again!

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