our nuance sonnet

our nuance sonnet

I’ll tell to you the truth about this boy
grew older became a sham kinda man.
I ask of God a way to take your choice
It can’t be love if you don’t need what I am.

A man may wish but absent her wish he’s
no lover. What is right for one is right
for all. Desire alone like this cries “Please!”
to it’s own self, ignoring the Light.

That’s not a kind love — Ain’t no kind of love
like that. Find love and take your path upward
to where the angels laugh and swing above.
I’ll carry him from here. He’s weak — was lured
by promises of his own invention.
Not lies — but broke and scattered intentions.

Where’s our nuance? Where’s a just account?
I want what’s best for you. I couldn’t wish
for love that’s not for me. I couldn’t ask
for touch belonging elsewhere. I don’t want
pretend. I don’t want anything but both
people so so happy to have found each other so happy to have found love.
please pardon the mix-up.
I’ll duck out the back.
I’ll slip down the alleyway.
I’ll steal into a gentle never-mind.

Author: Some Twisted Peacetime Committee
Editors: Bartleby Willard and Amble Whistletown
Copyright: AM Watson

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