Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile

Oro Se do Bheatha Bhaile

Watch and suppose
maybe you could be Celtic
like they say you were
long ago

Watch and imagine
you could be this
and have a people
a look a sound a stance

all snug and safe

piled upon more evil

There’s only the one people
only the one look sound stance
only Godlight shining through
all things
winning forever
because it is not here to win
but only to cherish, uphold, lift-up
be a Friend

There is no People
There is only people
and time is sharp

let cockroaches
and salamanders
they are cockroaches
and salamander

People should use their wider conscious space
to know themselves as
the One LIGHT

Editor’s Note:
So what happens?
While of course the team understands that there has to be a balancing act between the fact that there’s no such thing as any people except God’s People, to which all people are 100% members, and the fact that in human history many confusions over which people count for what have created many problems that continue to hurt some people more than others: while of course the team agrees with that general view of the situation, they every so often have to point out that identity politics are essentially contrary to Something Deeperism. Something Deeperism holds that we are all equally bound in and through and for the One Light and are all in this together and any other notion of who we are or should be is swamped and overwhelmed and made comparatively tiny by this most important fact. There’s no such thing as being anything but All God’s Children. That’s just how it is. Political conversations contrary to how it is are counterproductive. So what? What does this have to be with anything going on now? Hard to say. The ideas turn to vapors and the passions lump up and up and out. All that happens is that every so often we have to say, “there is only one identity: Godlight dressed up in funny positions. Now you can all do as you will, but we’re wandering wide along the splashing waves. Still this remains: we can work together. We can share in decision-making. What binds us as ONE is infinitely larger than what differentiates into these half-ass suppositions about being different.”


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