NYC Observer: Introduction

NYC Observer: Introduction

(Intro to a project with only one entry)

Pressed by his The Great American Poetry Podcast collaborator Isaac Meyers III, Esq. for a contribution to Curlew Magazine, the upcoming publication of Isaac’s Curlew New York real estate agency, Andy Watson agreed to the text’s terms: something in about a month–via text, and distracted, but still. This was already days ago, and the requesting text arrived days before that. You can imagine Andy’s consternation as he–slowly, in confused clock-eroding stages–realized that he had to finish something in less than a month!

But settling back, tidying the living room, looking out onto a cloud-domed Brooklyn stirringly coda-ed by the last several hundred of the Freedom Tower’s heroic 1776 feet, Andy thought: “I’ll just farm it out!”

We, the ever indulgent within the safe-folds of fiction WAP, have contracted Paul (no relation to the Biblical personage, though in dark moods he is wont to call himself “Saul” and curse the very strangeness that in happier moments he so tenderly admires) to walk around town and write down some things he sees. Actually, float around town.

Most of us come into this world with bodies. Not so for Paul! Born some 40 years ago with neither body nor surname, Paul has had a rough time of it. The prejudices of the embodied prevent them from seeing his worth and for too long he’s floated here and there, alone, unemployed, with no place to call home. But we at WAP are more broadminded than the hopeless, sharding, directionlessly-munkering deadmass of humanity. We said to Paul: “No body? No problem! The vast majority of our staff don’t even exist; and those that do rarely produce anything for us. So please, be our guest, head on out, send us some reports. We’ll toss them up.”

We’ll let Andy and Isaac decide what ends up where when upon the printless page, but for now we’ll let Andy and Bartleby put them up on their website, which they’ve managed to keep pretty much a secret for nigh on five years now. That’s not a dig, boys! Well, not a pointed one.


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