Mailing #1 (Essayish 6)

Mailing #1 (Essayish 6)

Dear Blogosphere:
Bartleby Willard and Andy Waton–the only ones in the room–are preparing to send out another mailing. But first they’ve decided to post the first one, slightly revised, to the internet; making these important lines accessible to billions of people. Please note that as of this posting, the Buy the Books/Chapter contains several more chapters than this old, obsolete email knows about. So why post the email now? Hah! Why?! Hah! As if! Please and thank you —
BW & AMW signing out.

“The Pitch”, a new chapter to “Love at a Reasonable Price”
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Dear Subscriber,

WAP is proud to announce the release of a new and courageous chapter in Bartleby Willard’s enchanting chapter book “Love at a Reasonable Price”!
“Chapter 2: The Pitch” can be found here:

Please find, beneath the universally accepted WAP insignia, a list of all that WAP–in its pristine, cloud-scraping, ocean-emptying wisdom–has thus far released of “Love at a Reasonable Price”.

Yours in world-historical publishing,

Wandering Albatross Press

A list of Chapters from
Everything currently posted as a blog page is linked to. The Intro and Statement of Faith
are presently only available in the evolving ebook (download: But they’ll probably be turned into posts before too long.

i. Introduction
An intro from long ago that, in both fine and broad brush strokes, paints Bartleby Willard’s arrival at Wandering Albatross Press and his (poetic? not literal, right?) intention to manufacture and sell Pure Love at a reasonable price.
ii. Statement of Faith
Bartleby Willard explains that he is a Something Deeperist.
1. Love Engineer (
A story about a colossal engineering genius who decides to spend his twilight years engineering a machine that will bring users into an experience of Pure Love, the underlying metaphysical reality.
2. The Pitch (
An early WAP story about Bartleby pitching his idea of manufacturing Pure Love in fictional realities, importing it into reality, and selling it at an equitable but still businesslike price. Story is prefaced by an archaeological and scholarly background of this ancient text.

Author: Bartleby from Willard
Editor: Andy from Watson
Copyright: Andy Mac Watson

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