magic fix-all glue

magic fix-all glue

It was a wind spinning waters
that broke our town in two,
drowning those who fought her.
I went to get the glue,
the magic fix-all glue

A milk cow floating bloated
dipped with the churning flood
past a rooftop all eroded
(no shingles, only mud).
I raced to fetch the glue,
our magic fix-all glue

But the waters kept on rising,
pushing homesteads all asunder.
And with currents crazy writhing,
I found it little wonder
that this glue: it would not hold,
and puffed bodies bobbed and rolled.

I had to find a better, a better fix-all glue.
But the torrents kept on twisting.
I tumbled like a feather, not knowing what to do,
I fumbled the glue, watched it listing,
sinking out of view

I’m sorry that I failed you
my family and my friends
I’m sorry that I failed to
fix our village on the bend
of a sleepy river
that always served us well
until she delivered
every bit of us to hell

I’m sorry that I failed us
my family and my friends.
I would blame the gale plus
a narrow in our glen.
But I know that’s not the story,
I know it’s not the truth.
The glue I stole or borrowed
was dried-out from disuse.

I’m sorry I let you down,
my people in my heart.
I lost you as our town
drifted wide apart.
It seems I never learned
the sacred gentle art
of dropping those concerns
that do not grow the heart.

copyright: AMW

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