Lonely Monster

Lonely Monster

Who walks with long thin legs,
flings itself across the world really–
on those 30 foot chicken legs.

Besides its legs, it has long thin arms
and a bulge round arm socket
stuck in a round leather-ball body.

Giant creature that runs across the plains.
Terrible monster with a jagged-tooth mouth around its center.
And two giant wet squid eyes plastered into the three-fourths quadrant.

Horrible monster.
Wanting nothing but to, on long strides, toss itself across the seven seas
and the countless worlds,
spinning its arms and with long curved fingernails tearing through every living thing it can reach.

And yet
it has its sorrow, its hurt, its division,
and we shouldn’t judge overhasty.

Sad, lonely, cruel creature.
I feel bad for it, but we still must shut it down,
else it will kill us all,
and not in a redemptive, religious, hopeful 16th Century kind of hanging way–
no, it will just slice us all up like a blender would if it could
get so large and so mean.

Poor fiend,
lonely devildog,
rising up off the evil like some kind of a yellow vapor.
Wish I could stop it, wish I could make things nice.
But all these knives swinging in all these directions!

Still, I thank you for the flower
made of paper and bent with relaxed fingers that are too often tensed.
Well, well again, well around, our wheel comes round again with a bucket of water
to drop into the stream.
The water actually turned the wheel that turned the gears that turned the grind stone
that milled the corn.


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