Light Therapy

Light Therapy

Open up all along the spinal column:
The round space inside butt and hips and sex
Inside and a touch below (like slanting in from) the navel
Inside the rib cage
Solar plexus
(And also while there let the Light in at the shoulders)
(Maybe pause to let it in everywhere from your feet up to your shoulders)
Pulling it in from all sides
Then up to the throat, pull light in from all sides there
And then the head between and above the eyes particularly and out the top

You breathe the Light in and out, growing ever more full of Light and flowing ever more directly as Light into the Light (ie: you become more and more aware that the shell of “self” is an illusion that “you” needn’t stay cramped within)

Some places are more about letting Light in; others more about letting It out
Just find the line down through the center of your conscious space.
And alternate pushing out from within as if your are unfolding yourself from inside out;
And pulling the Light in without undoing the unfolding the push-out achieved.
In this way you open up wider and wider,
creating less and less space between the Light outside and the Light inside.
Burst the shell asunder and flow as one with the interconnected flow of matter/mind/action created, sustained, shot through and in some sense one with the Light within the Light.

Allow me a moment to speculate to myself:
Consciousness is a white Light.
All the frequencies of electromagnetic energy at once
form a type of white Light,
upon which somehow our thoughts hang —
allowing us to consciously experience and focus on focus-worthy jamborees of thoughts and feelings from various corners of our subconscious space; corners that would otherwise be perhaps too far apart to interact, and that in any case would not meet awaredly without the existence of consciousness.
[Disparate parts of our thinking/feeling already meet in the subconscious; so what is the point of consciousness? does it allow for wide-apart drives and perceptions to meet more fully than subconscious thought? does it allow the Light to watch and guide the various drives and perceptions? why couldn’t the Light do that with subconscious thoughts and feelings? well, then it wouldn’t be there — or we wouldn’t, at any rate. hmmm.]

But where does Soullight come in?
Where does the Light within the Light come into play?
For surely God is more than energy
God is everything and — since all particulars flow together as one and are ultimately overwhelmed by the Soullight but Soullight is nothing particular — nothing at all.


Author: Sir Slips Alott, Electric Knight of the Gently Arcing Table
Editors: A. Whistletown with B. Willard
Copyright: AMW

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