Knight of Faith

Knight of Faith

What about it?
Why not?

My girl can catch me.
My country can find her way.
My oeuvre can unfold herself.

While I live by faith,
by a great faith
in Love —
by faith in the Great Way.

I’ve not given up on you, baby girl.
I’ve not abandoned y’all, land and world.
I’m still growing you, living art.

But no longer will I steer by reasons and feels.
No more shall hopes and fears rule my course.
From this day on I believe that Love is Real,
and act accordingly. Nothing will I force —
not even God.

When faith is a forced pairing of ideas and feels,
then faith grows harsh and vapid. The mind reels —
loosed from one’s own soul light
to wander lonely day and night.

with faith in nought but one’s own notions,
then faith is nought but empty indulgent motions.

Where is real faith?
What is real faith?
Love is Real and that’s the Way —
or nothing matters anyway.

But how to live in and through and for
a Love that chooses everyone?

Knight of Faith, drop your burden and arise.
Knight of Faith, yield your sword and shield, and prize
henceforth and everafter
nothing over gentle Love.
I’ll know my woman by her laughter.
We’ll heal our land with armies of doves.
True tales themselves will tell
across and through my emptied, will-less will.

I did not advance through the ranks —
did not rise
from sensualist to moralist to man of God to man in God.
The sword outwears its sheath,
The soul wears out the breast;
A heart must pause to breathe,
that love itself have rest.

So then defeated,
with no answer and not breathe nor voice to carry one —
thus thoroughly unseated,
I beg to open and to listen, that Love might gush and overwhelm,
til I’m drowned and washed away,
til Love takes all my space and say.

Knight of Faith,
Your reason and heart are tools
that Love must wield that Love might rule
that you might live

let your angel find her man
let wisdom win all the land
let beauty flow like rivers:
Let Love all this deliver!

Or else what?
What better plan have you —
you who are anyway too crumpled and scared to stand up and fight.
Why pretend?
Why force a meaningless and dishonest stand?

Love is All or all is nought —
so put your cards where thought
can think, where heart can feel,
where soul can speak through these wheels,
the wheels of the human, the wheels of this life.
Knight, let true art, politics, and even wife —
Knight, let Truth reign and Love light
you, your way, your few moments
from birth
to death
and out the door

Author: Tummnus of Tabletop Rock
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Sound: Bartleby Willard
Lighting: Kempt Whistletown
Production: Tun Whistletown & Arch Skullvalley
Copyright: Andy Watson

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