John Stewart singer songwriter from California

John Stewart singer songwriter from California

He came along
in a cowboy hat
and a boyful grin,
swaying a little clunky
on Solid Gold
cause it was never
really his scene.

Looking a little distant
on album covers
in flight jackets
with cigarettes
that laugh along
with the changing times.

Another one come
and gone
another one
about the wheel
within the clay
and that
James Dean
wasn’t really
James Dean
that is what he means to say.

Some kind of love,
and can you hear
me whoever you are,
you are the nation
and you will go on.

Putting together the pieces,
building up a life,
spinning a life,
telling a life,
changing well,
getting wider
in the light.

A friend
because he spoke kindly
and fully
within the shapes
you could correspond to
and hear out.


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