Is there a difference between Donald and Hillary?

Is there a difference between Donald and Hillary?

Yes there is, and the difference is this:

You can work with Hillary. You can help to create a grassroots support for sensible, helpful, win-win policies, and Hillary will be so happy to work with you to realize your dreams of a safer, sounder, more vibrant, more interesting, more productive, more beautiful, more decent United States of America We All Rise and Fall Together And There’s No Escaping This Country Because It is Too Damn Big and Strong So You Better Buckle Your Seatbelt And Get To Work To Help Her Be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise, which–since wisdom and goodness are two aspects of one locomotion–means Healthy, Wealthy, and Kind.

You cannot work with Donald. You can watch while he shows off, while he confuses bullying for strength and dishonest innuendos for valid insights, and–through an incompetence so great and so self-satisfied that, since it seeks a great power that it has no right to, has actually become straight up evil (yes–incompetence, if proud and willful enough, can shade all the way into just flat out evil!)–hurts the country, the world, you, me, all of us. And for what? Because you wanted to flub through your thought-process and pretend that a basically decent human being who wants to help and is skilled enough to–with the help of a citizenry that pays attention and demands civil and sane and honest and clear debate–help a complex nation was not worth choosing over a buffoon, an egomaniac, a man who doesn’t know how to help because he’s not really interested in helping.

Pull it together America. If this happens, each of us is the guilty one, because this is pathetic. We nod about how grand it was that other generations fought for freedom and then we nod along while someone act like dictators who squelch opposition and ignore rule of law and common decency are cool and need to be emulated. Who can live like this?

I don’t know what to say any more. Trump is the opposite of what you need for a functioning democracy. Democracy requires that the society value honesty, fairness, clarity, decency. Trump’s movement is the debauched makebelieve that those things don’t exist–just say any ridiculous thing and I dunno I heard it I’m just saying–, or that no one has them anyway–hey, we’re all slimeballs here, I’m just the best one so I’ll slime the world and you’ll get all the goo my little lappheasants. That is not true: No one does honesty, fairness, clarity, and decency perfectly–they are things-of-degrees. But Hillary has so much more of them than Trump does. Why? Mostly because she at least believes in them and values them. Also, win-win is not only possible, it is the only way forward. Trump’s mix of bluster and bully only works for cheating a little short-time gain here and there–fine for scam artist, but quick collapse for a nation.

I’m so depressed by this. We’ve lost the ability to enjoy one another. Our entertainment is not wholesome. Are debates don’t try to find a plausible assessment and a workable path. We just loudmouth, cluck, and blame the politicians. It’s disgusting. It is corrupt–that’s what it is. It is easier to be heard if you say something corrosive, something stupid, something mean, than if you say something helpful, possible, wise, just, kind. Corruption is when it is easier to do evil than to do good. Our discourse is corrupt. I can’t even stand it anymore. And yet here is where we must make our stand; we must push this discourse towards honesty, decency, clarity, kindness, towards accuracy and workable win-win sustainable plans. Sulking about how rotten everything is just helps the rot to grow. Hmph.

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