in a rut

in a rut

roughly the size of a life

can’t stop the evil
don’t find the formula


Human freedom
all puppets on strings?

the nuance between
God is all and does all
and humans are free to chose as they will:
in that space between free and not-free
lies what?
free insofar as we are God,
insofar as our feeling, thinking, acting flows off of God shining through everything including each conscious moment
to that degree we are the first cause

but we’d wanted to stop the evil

Putin says Trump’s indictments are proof that US democracy is collapsing — that Biden is using the judiciary to go after political rivals. Putin says this to a room of world leaders and they applaud.
This is evil.
This is political evil.
I am scared.
Because much of the country and many in power are swinging merrily from the coattails of this kind of evil, are echoing it; are more than just letting it slide, are sliding down into the crime with it.

I am so scared.
And confused.

have no answer to this.
at a loss.

Copyright: AM Watson

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