Important Point in Practical Philosophy

Important Point in Practical Philosophy

Philosophers debate whether or not everything happens for a reason, and whether or not we have specific purposes. It turns out from a practical perspective the question is moot. In either case we are here for this reason and purpose: to live fully in and through the Light and to help each other joyfully and gratefully.

The philosophers were debating whether or not there is an aim to life in the sense of a divine plan akin to an author charting out a plot and bringing characters together in key moments. Who knows? But either way there’s a Light within that we all experience more fundamentally than our various notions, and this Light points us towards loving kind, shared joy; towards wisdom, creation, life overflowing; towards we’re all in this together.

The mind and heart cannot scrute everything, but they don’t have to. Whether or not–to take a common example–two people are preordained to meet and have xyz type of relationship, their meeting always has the same purpose: work together towards what is best for everyone.

Author: Yall Combecknow Yheer
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