IDF – Effective Web Communication #16

IDF – Effective Web Communication #16

Interaction Design Foundation asked us the following questions about how to make our website meet the requirements that bring consumer trust and loyalty.
We, too tired to resist, answered without verve:

How can you demonstrate integrity?
Money-back guarantees; clear and succinct product descriptions; clear reasoning and clearly good intentions in essays; make contact info on front page and respond to people who write; product reviews that include unfavorable as well as favorable reviews

How can you increase familiarity with your company?
Put a short About Us blurb on the bottom of the homepage and link it to a FAQ page; make contact info on front page and respond to people who write

How can you demonstrate benevolence?
keep everything clear and concise

How can you demonstrate competence?
product testimonials, avoiding errors, making site clear

How can you demonstrate partnerships with reputable companies?
We could have a page about who makes the totes and other physical products

How can you lend to the perception of a high market orientation?
give surveys asking people what book else they’d like us to offer and other changes they’d like to see; if some wish is overwhelming, go with it, explaining why we did

What does it mean to develop a high quality website?
Easily navigable, clear, free of errors, pleasant and satisfying to use because with minimal confusion it brings you valuable content

How can you use a typical interface while maintaining originality?
writing style and content can be original within a standardly laid-out website

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