IDF – Effective Web Communication #15

IDF – Effective Web Communication #15

IDF asked us to analyze the sites of our competitors: Does their writing convey confidence and competence?​​

Ditch the typical book and a tie gift idea for men and instead give some of these odd novelty items that will be sure to spark a laugh. These funny and funky gifts add great humor and color to your home furniture, the office desk, kitchen decor and more.

Impression of competence & confidence: competent as novelty sellers, but not of hilarious literary jokes: blurb is a little clunky, especially “give some of these odd novelty items that will be sure to spark a laugh”. Also the first portion of that sentence is kind of awkward. The whole thing barrels forward clumsily but good-naturedly self-confident like a St Bernard pup.
Sentence length: longish sentences; the first is a composite that could easily be broken into two sentences.​

Europa Editions is dedicated to bridging cultural divides by introducing fresh international voices into the North American and British marketplaces. Explore our diverse catalog by region and take in what the world has to offer.​

Impression of competence & confidence:​ Yes to both. Breezy but also succinct. No excess and no errors. See the above snippet of the landing page.

Sentence-length: varied​

Confident and Competent sounding? They announce themselves to be: “Diversion Books is a leading independent publisher based in New York City. ​” (About page) And they back it up with clear, smooth prose: Launched in 2010, Diversion combines decades of traditional experience with new, innovative publishing strategies. Diversion believes in establishing creative and collaborative partnerships with authors and is committed to the discovery of new voices as well as the rejuvenation of yesterday’s bestsellers.​

Sentence length varies

No one is doing it like WAP. We act all discombobulated and openly admit we can’t take it anymore. But we’re not really a company that needs you to believe anything except: Yes, we’ll deliver the items we promised; and no, we cannot take the hurt, but we are trying to find a way forward.


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