I’d settle for you

I’d settle for you

I’d settle for you
said the spider to the fly
on the web sticky
and dotted morning dew.

You’re sturdy in mind
body, heart, and stuff.
Your eggs so clear
and begging for it.
I’d settle on you
and make you my home
a colony of sorts
some kind of love.

I’m getting older now
and I’m sick of pretending
so I’ll hand it all to you
if you want to hold it all,
about which you may
or may not now know.

I accept your court
said the fly to the approaching fangs.
I’ve asked for this ever since
I was seven and now you’re here.
I’ll lay real still until you
take over my body, blooming me
like I’ve waited for ever since
I was young and began to feel
the knots wiggle and wrangle inside,
asking to untie and become
some kind of a woman,
the kind I need to be.

I’m looking for you
said the tiger to the ewe,
the gorgon to the virgin,
the weed to the lawn.

I’ve been waiting for you
she said.

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