i wish

i wish

i wish we’d stayed friends
i wish it hadn’t happened like this
i wish i could talk to you
i wish i’d not been like that

now i don’t know what to do
now i don’t know who to be
now i don’t know what to say
i am sorry
and all that jive

i wish it was different
i wish i could tell you
could tell you
about what I found
about what I became
about what I wished to do
about what I didn’t see coming

governments are big and fat and heavy
people are tiny and soft and weak
friendship is gossamer
i guess i could say that i miss you
but what does that mean
now for us
given where we are
and how long it has been
and how wrong i was

there are friends i had who’ve died
but this is different
this is a relationship that died
this is a mistake i made
when i was so young and so unaware
of so much that ended up being inside of me all the time

Various authors and editors
copyright AM Watson

[Part of A political writer falls apart, which is somehow part of NYC Journal – Politics]

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