Health Goals

Health Goals

Before listing your symptoms, please describe what healthy would mean to you and why you want to be healthy.

Healthy to me is:
1. Having a steady, stable income, and healthy finances that are sufficient to meet my needs and the needs of my family.
2. Maintaining a healthy weight and being physically fit (a healthy diet, regular strength and cardio training, walking 10+ hours a week, etc).
3. Being mentally sharp, creative, and productive (at work, in writing, in conversation).
4. Living in a country with a healthy, functioning democracy, freedom of speech, a free press, and equality under the law.
5. Contributing meaningfully via my work and my creative efforts to a healthy, happy, well-functioning society.
6. Having healthy relationships with family and friends.
7. Having and nurturing a deep physical, emotional, and mental bond with my life-partner.
8. So, then 1 & 7 imply that I would like to find the right woman for me.
9. Being wise and good enough to know and do what is best for me, those close to me, and everyone.
10. I guess 9 implies a consistent and fruitful spiritual practice.
11. The core of my moments should be seeking and growing in spiritual insight and goodness; and from their all my feeling/thinking/deciding/acting should flow.
12. Oh, I need to be clean and tidy and organized.
13. And 6 and 7 imply a healthy work-life balance, and that I don’t fritter my time away.
14. I’d like to read and write so well that my literary efforts helped me grow and were also worthwhile reading.
15. I would like to be able to reliably drink in moderation; or, that failing, stop drinking altogether.
16. #2 I envision as encompassing a long, healthy, active, productive life.

I want to be happy, and healthy, and find ways of feeling/thinking/acting that are good for me and others. I want the people in my life to benefit from having me in their life — I want to be a safe and healthy person for my sake and for the sake of other people.

And I want to be a good option for her — in case she might want to be with me.

OK, great! Sounds like you’re already well-aligned with the general goals of Something Deeperism! So that should expedite the cure.

Is there really such a thing as a cure for being the way one is?

Mmmm. There’s such a thing as so much consistent positive momentum that you can meet and maintain the kind of goals you’ve outlined.

What about protecting democracy? What about goal #4?

Well, maybe if you focus on wisdom and goodness, and your fellow citizens do as well — maybe then, together you can improve your shared government.

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Editor: AW
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