How does one actually make things better?

There’s a wound deep within that undermines one from the inside out.

There are misunderstandings and dishonesties within and between individuals harming their relationships within and between one another and in their organizations.

There are corruptions within individuals and organizations that misdirect desires, energies, goods, words, and deeds.

There are mistakes splitting the nation, undermining real relationship and with it shared government and the efficacy and safety of democracy.

How does one make things better within oneself, between oneself and others, within organizations, within nation states, within the world?

How does one build awareness, clarity, honesty, accuracy, competency, compassion, loving kindness, and shared joy into the underlying structure of individual lives, relationships, and organizations small and large — even to the point of making healthier nation states?

What makes trust possible? What makes people feel secure and safe enough to risk standing up within themselves and living for love? And what background is required for giving to be as effective as possible — for gifts to be well-received and -used?

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